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Musiikki FAQ:


Q: What are Musiikki’s hours?

A:  12:00 pm - 2:00 am everyday.


Q:  Is Musiikki a bar or a coffee shop?

A:  We’re both!  As a fully licensed establishment, we have a full cocktail menu, a selection of wines and spirits, a wide range of beers, and Kingston’s best whiskey selection!  In addition we have coffee, tea, and espresso beverages available during all hours of operation.


Q:  So are you all ages?

A:  Yep!  Musiikki Cafe is all ages until 11:00 pm, after that we ask all those under the age of 19 to leave.


Q:  Do you serve food?

A:  We have a small selection of snacks available, but you are welcome to bring in any outside food (but please NO outside beverages).


Q:  Do you take reservations?

A:  We do not, Musiikki is first come first serve.


Q:  How often do you have live music?

A:  We have live music every night of the week from 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm, as well as occasional afternoon shows.


Q:  That’s awesome!  Where can I see who’s playing?

A:  You can check out our monthly calendar here, or our weekly calendar on Facebook here.


Q:  Do I have to pay to attend the shows?

A:  Most shows at Musiikki Cafe are PWYC, ticketed shows will be noted and tickets can be purchased here.  In the spirit of continuing to support and provide a place for live music in Kingston, we ask that you please purchase a drink and leave the band a tip when attending a live performance.


Q:  I’m a musician, how do I book a show at Musiikki?  

A:  You can send an email to, or fill out the contact sheet .  Please read the booking FAQ  before sending your request.


Q:  That sounds great, but maybe I could just give you a call or come to the cafe to book my show?...

A:  Nope.  All bookings will be done through or through the contact sheet.  Feel free to come in and say hi or give us a call if you have any questions about the booking process, but don’t expect to walk away with a show.  


Q.  How do I sign up for Open Mic?

A.  More information about Open Mic can be found here.


Q:  I really like the artwork at Musiikki, is any of it for sale?

A:  Select pieces are available for purchase.  Inquire with your bartender, and if the artist has left information they will help you contact the artist.  


Q.  Are there any other rules I should know about?

A.  Yep!  A full list of our house rules can be found here.