Coffee Music Whiskey

Musiikki Booking FAQ:


Q.  I'm a musician, how do I book my band at Musiikki?

A.  Send us an email at, or by filling out the online form at Before sending please make sure your email includes the following material.

  • Recorded examples of your music.

  • A specific requested date, or range of dates.

  • Links to social media (Artist website, Facebook, Youtube, etc.).

  • A stage plot, or list of required inputs.


Q.  Do you promote your shows?

A.  We are more than happy to use any promotional material you send us (Posters, Facebook events, etc.).  However we don’t create any promotional material ourselves.  


Q.  How long do bands play for?

A.  Night :  8 p.m. - 11 p.m.  Bands are expected to cover the full 3 hours with a reasonable amount of breaks (3 x 45 min sets, 2 x 75 min sets, etc.).  If a group is unable to cover the full 3 hours, they are asked to find another act to share the time with (local or otherwise).  

Afternoon:  Bands booked for afternoon shows are expected to cover either 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm (Mondays and Tuesdays) or 5 p.m. - 7 p.m (Wednesday - Saturday), with breaks.  


Q.  What are load in times?

A.  Load in occurs an hour before the start of your set.  This will allow enough time to load gear, and soundcheck before sets are scheduled to begin.  


Q.  What does Musiikki pay?

A.  Night Shows:  We offer a $50 guarantee for the night, as well as a band tip jar which the band keeps 100% of.  Bands are welcome to set a cover charge for their show, however in that case we are unable to offer a guarantee.  If you wish to do a ticketed event, please let us know and we can set that up. In the case of a ticketed show, profits will be divided 70%/30% between artist and venue respectively.  Bills with more than one act on them must divide profits (guarantee, tips, and/or cover) among themselves.

Day Shows:  We don’t offer a guarantee for day shows.  However acts booked during this time slot still keep 100% of tips.  

All Shows:  Bands are more than welcome to sell merch during their sets.  In addition, all performers will receive complimentary drinks (groups of 5 or less receive 2 per member, groups of more than 5 receive a $55 drink tab).


Q.  Does Musiikki provide sound?

A.  Yes, Musiikki provides a small PA system and a sound engineer for all shows.