Jaa [pronounced "yah"] is a Finnish word for "Share". 

Jaa Box is the term we are using to represent a Musiikki Cafe Membership Subscription.   To be a Member means you are directly contributing to the support of artists, musicians and the stages they stand on as they grow.   We are all grateful for your contributions, so in return you will receive year long discounts & vouchers to many restaurants, music/art stores, breweries and recording/art facilities as well as access to many exclusive events.  On top of this, you will also be receiving a seasonal mail out box that is sent out every 3 months.  Each box is unique and packed with Musiikki related products (ie; member badges, logo shirts, coffee mugs, Glencairn glasses, whiskey stones, whole bean espresso, etc.) as well as music, art, bio's & merchandise directly from the artists involved.  We will be collaborating with many wonderful artists and musicians for each and every jaa box; some of which you will know, some will be new and you can get to know!

See more details below...

Update your local playlist!

Members get access to original recordings, and exposure to new, Musiikki

selected music!

Member only discounts from

your favorite local businesses, music stores, bars & restaurants. Members will also be given access to special Musiikki curated content & events.

The arrival of your first jaa box could be the exact ray of sunshine needed during an otherwise strange and difficult time.

Musiikki aims to keep our music community alive and growing with this new and exciting endeavor.  

Jaa is a symbol of togetherness, connection & kindness -  and the contents inside our seasonal mail out boxes demonstrate just how unique

and talented our music scene is.


Your support makes a difference!

The Numbers

your cost:
membership - $20/month

your value:

member perks + $80/month (at least!)

book musiikki space free (one time per member per year subscription) + $300

musiikki jaa box items + $50/send out (every 3 months)

musician & artist jaa box items + $50/send out

knowing your supporting the creative people ... + $priceless 

It's easy to see the value that you receive vs the cost.

Signing up as a Musiikki Member means that you are


 A huge range of artists and musicians will be supported through your monthly contributions. Proceeds go directly to artists through the purchase of music & products and gives Musiikki the ability to put on paid events for you!

Share the love, and fuse the muse.

Summer Jaa Box 2020 

Fall Jaa Box 2020