Coffee Music Whiskey

Musiikki House Rules:

1.  We don't have a kitchen, so outside food is perfectly fine; we do sell drinks, so outside beverages are not!

2.  Outside alcohol is strictly prohibited.  It will be confiscated, you will be immediately ejected from the premises, and possibly banned.

3.  Cannabis is legal in Canada, but please do not consume it on the premises.  

4.  Musiikki is an underage friendly venue, but any patrons under 19 will be asked to leave after 11:00 PM.  

5.  Please smoke at least 3 meters (10 feet) away from all doorways & windows.  Smoking is also strictly prohibited on the patio.  (Kingston Bylaw 2018-173)

6.  No racist, homophobic, or transphobic language will be tolerated.  You will be told to cut it out and possibly leave the premises.

7.  If you want to fight, join an MMA club.  Absolutely no violence permitted. 

8.  The bartender is the boss - no questions asked.  Who is working is in charge, so please comply with whatever they ask you to do.

9.  Our bartenders have the right to deny service, Especially if they believe you are intoxicated and/or disruptive.  ("Licence holders have the right to reject or refuse entry to any person whose presence they have reason to believe may be undesirable" - Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario)

10.  Help us support live music - please make one beverage purchase per person (alcoholic or not) when you attend a musical performance at Musiikki.

11.  Some performances are quieter than others - please try to keep your conversation to a minimum while people are playing. 

12.  In case of fire or any other emergencies, please calmly make your way towards either the front door (Brock Street), or the back door (carriageway).

13.  Be friendly, be respectful of other patrons, the staff, and the space; have fun, be open to new experiences, listen to some cool music, and make some new friends!