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Our Services

We provide a wide variety of artist's services to make Musiikki the perfect place for musicians. With services like:


1. LIVE Recording

2. Mobile Studio Recording

3. Band Photography 

4. Ticket Sales

5. Merch Sales 


With these Services, we hope to create many opportunities for musicians to affordably take advantage of.

Musiikki LIVE Session

One specialty service we provide is LIVE multimedia recordings. When you apply for a Musiikki LIVE Session and are chosen then we will have you play a set and select one song to be recorded live. We will film a music video and post it to our youtube page for you to have and share. 


This is of no cost to you, the artist. For more info, email: 



Apply HERE!

Mobile Studio Recording

Alt-Rock Demo - Musiikki Records
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Stylistic Singer/Songwriter Demo - Musiikki Records
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Ever find yourself needing a recording of you or your band but not having the time or money to rent a studio to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for one song? If that sounds familiar then Musiikki Records might be the Record Lable for you. 


With prices as low as a flat fee of $40 a song it is now easy to get yourself out there. Please email to receive your free quote on any recording needs and book your studio time.

Band Photography

For a small fee, $30, we will give artists a one-hour photo shoot in our photogenic space with a photography professional to give artists the perfect, high-quality photos they need for Social Media pages and other forums. All photos will be free for the artist to use in any way they see fit after the shoot.